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Koi Herpes virus KHV

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Its our intention here to bring you all relevent upto the minute data pertaining to KHV, we intend to add to this over the coming months/years to build a centre of excellence for information on this devistating disease


Apart form the articles here you can support the cause by donating to the cause at http://www.akcaprojectkhv.org/ where 100% of monies donated go toward scientific research on this disease


In the maean time here are the start articles provided by my good friend and mate Spike Cover Doctor Andy Goodwin of Pine bluff university and myself


Data sheet facts on KHV by spike cover

Data sheet facts summary, short version, for those who dont want to read the detail

The following is a series of Java Presentations on KHV by Dr. Andy Goodwin a Professor and Fish Pathologist at University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. Click on the presentation you want to see. It will open in a new window so simply close that window when finished to return to this page and select another presentation. I suggest you start at the beginning and work through them. You will be linked to the presentations on Andy's page at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff site.

For your information, Andy Goodwin has been involved with KHV since nearly its discovery. He supported his colleague, Dr. Wayne Gray, also of the University of Arkansas, in producing of some original primers used to identify the virus with PCR testing. Andy has done independent research on KHV, SVCv and many other fish diseases and pathogens, has published on his research and supports Project KHV as part of the Phase 1 Grant group for which he made these presentations.

KHV Introduction (233Kb)

History and importance of KHV (J810Kb)

Biology of the virus (950Kb)

The KHV disease (1.65Mb)

Diagnosis ( 866Kb)

KHV Avoidance ( 1.42Mb)

Dealing with KHV ( 543Kb)

SVC Virus ( 1.45Mb)



KHV Symptoms by Duncan Griffiths


Recent real life case study by Brian McGivern of the BKKS Health Commitee, this has some great pics. These are Brians observations and the account of the disease in his own words, thanks Brian

KHV case Study