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Duncan Griffiths Copyright FEBRUARY, 2003, D, GRIFFITHS, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED




Welcome to koi-unleashed Parasite video clips, these clips are intended to show folks what they are looking for under a microscope, there are all mpeg-1 movie clips and are all viewable with Windows Media Player, which is part of the windows Media package

Every effort has been made to keep these clipshigh quality but to a reasonable file size,so a compromise was reached to give a workable imag with an file average sizeof 1.5 mb which should take about 2 to 5 minutes to down load dependent on your internet server connection speed

This will be a very dynamic page and parasites and nasties will be added as soon as they become available


For the technical minded, most of the photographs and movies on this site are taken with an XS-200 trinocular microscope capable 40X to 1500X through plan achromatic objectives,
this in turn is linked to a 10x adapter uni-link and from there to either an educam CCTV 330 lines analogue camera, capable of exposures down to 1.5lux this is again linked to a trust.com video capture card on the computer which converts the signal to digital imaging and capture

Or i link to a fuji 304 SLR digital camera 3.5 mega pixels

All images are taken looking down the trinoclar tube


This clip was taken from a showa and i guess i just got lucky becausethey are normaly found internal and usually
in a post mortem situation, but there it was in the mucus scraping, acting quick i managaed to capture this image
koi Nematode
< and these live where?>


koi Nematode < sooo much grub to choose from>


Gyrodactylus the (skin fluke)

there are serveral skin fluke images to view her which should give you a good cross section of how they can appear under a typicle microscope

the first one is of a group hug! there are serveral in view at once so focus is poor as they are all at several depths and a good average focus was needed but it does show how they like to get together and party on down
Group Hug< come here Big GUY!>

the second clip is of a single fluke who is out on its own doing the old saturday night fever's

Single Fluke< whole lotta shakin going on>

The next clip is done at 400x to show detail

X400 clip< up close and personal>

and finally a single skin fluke showing the unborn embryo inside and if you look real close you will see the primary hooks of another embryo iside that unborn embryo, just like the classic wooden Russian doll

Skin Fluke with Embryo < how many months along are you?>

A dead koi started to form Saprolegnia with a view to photographing saprolegnia for an article on it a scrape was duly taken, and low and behold this critter was found lurking on it having a good time by the looks of things

400X magnification look at the other life going hell for leather in the background

Tetrahymena Pyriformis <Which is the way out Mate?>


Costia Ichtyobodo <Jeez im busy, busy, busy!>

costia is unmistakable once you have seen it for the first time no other parasite moves in this fashion, like its trying to turn itself inside out.

this movie was shot at 400X magnification, at this magnification the depth of field for focus is very narrow and as this bug Jinks through the mucus layer it will go out of focus slightly but i think you will get the idea.


Ichthyophthiriasis Multifiliis ,ich or white spot
< i'm gonna cause some trouble when i get outta here>

This is a real good movie which shows white spot in such detail,including the nucleus of the bug, one perspective you can't get however, is the sheer size of this critter, its big! after seeing this movie it bought it all back to me the excitment of seeing this bug up close and personal for the first time.i get a weird buzz every time i see it since.

My thanks to Jason Sargeant and the AKCA, "KHA" program, for making this movie available.



LEECHES Piscicola geometra < quick go suck a lemon !>

there is not much that makes my flesh crawl but this sucker does it for me!

nuff said, these critters are dead easy to see with out a scope being some 25-50mm long, these images were taken at X40 but i was unable to get the whole thing in shot even though it coiled up

so there are two movies one showing the head end and again the tail hopfully it shopuld be apparent which is which, both ends have suckers but the head end being the smaller of the two ends with teth lining a slit

leech one < tail end>

leech two < head end>


Trichodina <oooh! im confused which way, which way>

Trichodina taken at x400

FRY <i dont like it here> no anmials or hourse were harmed in the making of this movie

Two week old shiro utsuri fry taken at X100


Brine Shrimp we gotta get out of here that fry is further up the slide looking hungry!!

newly hatched brin shrimp taken at X100