With a clean cotton bud or cotton wool ball wipe away the mucus locally.

Dip a cotton bud/Qtip in a little of the solution and apply to the Hi. On first contact the area will turn a translucent brown; this is normal but is not the desired effect you are looking for.

By rubbing the cotton bud/qtip back and forth very gently( do not apply pressure) on the red, the Hi will take on the colour of the solution and it will turn brown stop at this point do not continue.

Not recommended for stray Hi on scaled areas but it is possible. While large areas of stray secondary Hi removal are possible, large areas are best done in stages.

While this has been developed over a long period of time to be safe, Because of the nature of this procedure and every person’s skills and experience is different, you must understand you use this at your own risk.




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