Advice on pond heating

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Re: Advice on pond heating

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It's true that they "defrost" from time to time but it only takes about 2 mins and is normally no more than once per hour if air temp. is low (1°C or lower), not at all at 6 or 7°C. I can only take my experience from my house system (just starting the 3rd winter), I had one day last winter when I couldn't use it because of heavy fog at +1°C. Lighter fog or at a higher temp. is less of a problem, just a defrost or two more per hour.

I'm convinced that it will work on my 9,000 gallons pond. It is of course covered in winter, with Roofmate, and I leave it at +10°C from Dec to end of Feb. so the bills are not too bad. What I really want to do is raise the temp. slowly from March and get to 25°C by May and then hold it there.

Maybe next year.........

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Re: Advice on pond heating

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It is not is easy thing to heat 11500 gallons, as it takes more time for heating and also more money. When compared to the other heating systems, solar heating is the cheapest way to heat the pond.
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Re: Advice on pond heating

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Hi Guys,

We find polycarbonate works as an excellent insulator and can help by maintaining a temperature of 6⁰C over the temperature of an uncovered pond during the winter months.

We have covered many Koi ponds with polycarbonate, a chap told me over the weekend they are currently heating for an hour in the morning and substaining a temp of 19 degrees at the moment with a polycarbonate winter cover.

Worth some thought maybe?

David Jackson

Koi pond winter cover solutions - Nick Gray Building Plastics
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