Heating costs

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Re: Heating costs

Post by NickGrayOnline »

We find polycarbonate works as an excellent insulator and can help lock in the heat and maintain a temperature of 6⁰C over the temperature of an uncovered pond over the winter months.

Very cost effective and worth baring in mind!

David Jackson

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Re: Heating costs

Post by Brek »

My pond was a 1500 gall jobby with 50mm jabfloor on base ans side walls, covered over in winter with 4 cell polycarb, and laid snug to the pond top so very little air gap. Pond was fed by 30lpm airpump over winter and temps run from 13 to 6 and back to 13 degrees over the winter months. Over 4 years it cost a grand to heat that way. Had no issues with having a nearly airtight lid either.
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Re: Heating costs

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You've obviously done a good job insulating your pond and the only thing I would suggest is that you keep an eye on the pH and KH. With close fitting covers, carbon dioxide can build up in the air gap. If there is a significant level of CO2 above the surface then no more will be able to gas off and that will lower the pH or even cause it to crash. There's nothing to worry about if you make sure that the pH and especially the KH don't fall but there are many forum posts reporting total wipe outs over winter from those who have made the mistake of "out of sight, out of mind".
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