Use of UV lights.

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Russ Little Pond
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Use of UV lights.

Post by Russ Little Pond »

Is your pond UV light on or off ?

I ask as this year I have not yet turned my light on and my water is not gin clear though its clear with a slight brackish tint, my pond is part shaded with some algae on the pond walls, i expected the water to turn green and it hasnt.

I must have the water chemistry right for my pond.

Have you tried running without a UV ??
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Re: Use of UV lights.

Post by ginboomerang »


I've just wrote about my U/V experience on another forum. Something Geoff said to me on TTK got me thinking but I wanted the timing to be right i.e. some bloody sunshine ! Below is what I wrote.

As an experiment to see how long it would take for my pond to turn green without a U/V, and to see if the pond water had a 'balance' - I turned off the U/V last Sunday.

I've been watching and waiting for the 'green' to appear, nothing, the pond is as clear as it was 8 days ago.

The pond is in full sunlight most of the day, I do have very low nitrate, I change approx. 14% per day of pond volume via trickle, I will say that in my opinion that the pond has lots of biological filtration.

Maybe it's a case of a pond maturing and finding it's own balance. When I first built the pond I did have green water and would have alage blooms in the Spring.

My thoughts now are that U/V kills bacteria/organisms which may be harmful but it's indiscriminate and may also kill bacteria and organisms that help a pond develop a self sustaining eco system and balance.......maybe.
fishy hands
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Re: Use of UV lights.

Post by fishy hands »

I turned my uv off beginning of last year and I have not noticed any difference really
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Re: Use of UV lights.

Post by Geoff9 »

We spoke about this on Koiquest a few years back so I turned mine off and not had it on since water seems fine not sparking clear but the koi seem happy and eating well.

Regards Geoff
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