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Postby GaryB » Tue Oct 17, 2017 3:32 pm

Dear All,

Hello, Just joined so finding my way around! I am absolute beginner but am in the process of designing my first pond 6000 Gallons, 1.2 meters below ground and 0.7 meters above total depth 1.9 meters, block work walls, welded box liner, Gravity system with 2 aerated bottom drains, 2 DIY filters each 135 gallons with biobloc mesh tube media and moving media K3 compartments, 2 separate pre filters (to be made from 15mm Magnesium oxide board and coated with pond paint) one for each bottom drain and will be located approximately 4 meters away from the pond in sunken pit area. I intend 2 x 110mm AirLifts one for each filter, and one small pump of 10,000 litres/per hour to recirculate the 2 small skimmers with separate filter. I have this all on my own CAD drawing which I will post in .pdf or .jpg for much needed comments when ready. I am not in any rush as I want to get my design as "feasible" as possible before that spade goes in the ground. All comments greatly received when I post out that design which may prove mildly amusing to some of you!

Best Regards
Sandbar shark
Sandbar shark
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Postby Manky Sanke » Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:24 pm

Welcome Gary,

Post your proposed design when you're ready, you say it might amuse us, that may be the case but you won't get any harsh comments on here.
Manky Sanke
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