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Koi breeding questions

PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2009 2:25 pm
by candihawkins
I have had a koi pond for a year now. They now hav spawned twice. On monday I put 4 more koi in my upper pond which is my main koi pond. Now the new 4 fish are chaseing my female koi but My male koi (these 2 koi I have had for a year) is right beside her and looks like trying to prtect her.. Now here is the question can she spanw more then once?? I am not sure what sex the other 4 koi are... Right now I have moved my female into the other pond with last year's babies and the butterfly kois... The new 4 koi didnt seem to be hitting her on the head or anything, They were hitting her in the butt and in the tummy. Now I know she has already spawned once and the babies hace hatched. The other 4 fish came from the same pond that I got my first two koi's out of... Today is the first day of the behavior in them....Since I have moved her they seem to be calming down other than her mate he is looking for her. If anyone has advice on this I could really use it...

Thanks a lot