Baby Chagoi's

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Baby Chagoi's

Postby kimr » Tue Mar 29, 2011 10:33 am


Last year I bought some Chagoi babies to rear as I wanted to learn more about rearing Koi, so I bought 30 21/2-3 inch Chagoi's from New Forrest Koi, and I must say they were very helpful and when they arrived they were in great condition and lively. I kept them in a large tank indoors for few month's and then put them outside. In the Chagoi's were a mix or Gin Rin and Ochiba's and they ranged from a very light colour to really dark. What I have enjoyed is watching them grow from these tiny little thing's into a nice shape and although not big (except 2) as they have been outside they are developing into some nice Chag's. A few have slightly deformed gil's and one even has red eye's.

In the bottom picture, the one next to larger Chag is the one with the red eye's and you can just make out the gil deformity. The photo's arn't great but they wouldn't keep still :D

In July I bought mix of Kin Showa Hi Utsuri and Chagoi fry from New Forrest and they havn't turned out as well as I hoped. I have only a couple that may develope into anything and I will try and get some photo's of them.

But if you are looking to learn how to rear fry this is a great way to learn as you can control the amount you get.
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