UK Azukari project

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UK Azukari project

Postby bungle » Sat Apr 14, 2018 7:12 pm

Hi guys - new to this forum but I wanted to share this with you...

As a fellow koi hobbyist, I have arranged for any fellow UK koi keepers to attend a free event with a presentation by Shigeyoshi Tanaka or Maruyju Koi Farm. He speaks excellent English, and the evening is about education and understanding growing and seeing potential in young koi to be grown on. At the evening, attendees can also look into purchasing koi to be grown on in Japan by one of 3 breeders. This is on a no-obligation basis.

Email –
Tel or text – 07878 482385

Azukari is not openly offered, even when visiting koi breeders in Japan. It is an opportunity to purchase a koi that the breeder is sincerely wanting to keep and develop. I see this as a great opportunity to UK koi hobbyists to better understand the hobby and have access to koi with great potential.

Many thanks
Geoff Winn

Overview of the presentation evening
On Friday evening, 11th May Shigeyoshi Tanaka will visit The Hub at Cambourne, Cambridgeshire for this unique event. The presentation will start at 8pm.

Azukari is when the breeder agrees to look after the koi for another growing season on behalf of the owner/buyer. Generally, the breeder will only place koi into their mudpond if they think the koi will improve and have potential to get better.

Shigeyoshi Tanaka will give a presentation about his koi farm, his vision on koi breeding and he will explain all about the Azukari project. Three Japanese koi farms (Marujyu, Kawakami and Oyama) have selected some top quality tosai (1 year old) and nisai (2 year old) koi. Shige will show the koi selection available for the Azuakri project in photographs, certificates and videos and he will also be able to discuss development of the koi. In addition, Shige will show examples of some of his top koi that have achieved All Japan Show winning prizes, and their development.

At the evening you can select/buy a koi of your choice and let it grow in the Japanse mudpond to become a real jumbo koi, and a koi for the future. You can decide how long your koi will stay in Japan to let it grow in the optimum circumstances. You can follow the development of your koi at a dedicated website You will have access to your personal azukari page where you can keep up to date with pictures, video’s and measurements of your koi.

The price of each koi can be discussed at the event, and the cost of shipping the koi back to the UK will be an additional cost (and depends how long the koi is left in Japan and the size of the koi when being shipped).

Koi will be imported through a UK shipping agent and held in the UK for a maximum of 48 hours for collection when acclimatised. The purchaser will be responsible for collection and quarantining their koi.
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Re: UK Azukari project

Postby bungle » Mon Apr 23, 2018 10:21 pm

Hi guys and girls...

Anyone interested??

If I don't get enough interest or people wanting to attend, I'll have to cancel the presentation evening which will be disappointing.

As the post above says, this is a free evening event, with a top Japanese breeder taking time to help uk hobbyists in understanding development and potential koi with a great future.


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