Dealing With Mouth Rot or Mouth Ulcer

Duncan Griffiths

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This koi was found to have quite an infection, after drying and cleaning with a cotton bud it would be a great idea to apply H2O2 3% to the site only, allow it to foam and oxidise the ulcer for a few seconds, then wipe dry.

Apply mercurochrome 2% locally to the area on a fresh cotton bud over lapping the site by about 5 mm all round. ro Tamadine.

Apply orahesive powder to the mercurochrome whilst the mercurochrome is still wet. this will form a crust over the ulcer, ( orahesive powder is a sealer for the application of drying and sealing wet wounds in humans.

Seal over the whole site again with Friars balsam or G7 or whatever is your particular favorite, but Friars Balsam takes some beating. and allow to dry and seal.

Apply an anitbiotic in this instance Amikacin was used direct into the pectoral muscle. remember to clean the injection site both before and after.

Last but not least i keep back about 0.1 ml of the total dose and inject this small remainder direct into the nose this get things moving straight away.

One month later

see home page for antibiotic dose rates.